• "Amen, amen I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works I do..." - Jesus to the Apostle Philip (John 14:12)

    • Opus Christi, meaning "The Work of Christ”

Altar Servers

The ministry of Altar Server is an opportunity for boys and girls in the fourth grace and older who have received their First Communion to assist the Priest and the entire assembly at Mass on Sundays and other special occasions. Altar Servers, vested in a white alb with a cincture and cross, carry the processional cross and candles, hold the Missal for the Priest, carry the incense and thurible, prepare the altar, and washes the hands of the Priest. Servers also respond to the prayers and sing the hymns with the rest of the assembly. Altar Servers fully, actively, and consciously participate in the liturgy.

Prayer of An Altar Server
O God, You have graciously called me to serve You upon Your altar. Grant me the graces that I need to serve You faithfully and wholeheartedly. Grant too that while serving You, I may follow the example of St. Tarcisius, who died protecting the Eucharist, and walk the same path that led him to Heaven.
St. Tarcisius, pray for me and for all servers.


Altar Server Schedule

April 2018

May 2018

April 14-15

5:30 Team 3

8:00 Team 5

10:00 Team 7

12:00 Team 9

May 5-6

5:30 Team 3

8:00 Team 4

10:00 Team 6

12:00 Team 8

April 21-22

5:30 Team 1

8:00 Team 4

10:00 Team 6

12:00 Team 8

May 12-13

5:30 Team 1

8:00 Team 5

10:00 Team 7

12:00 Team 9

April 28-29

5:30 Team 2

8:00 Team 5

10:00 Team 7

12:00 Team 9

May 19-20

5:30 Team 2

8:00 Team 4

10:00 Team 6

12:00 Team 8

May 26-27

5:30 Team 3

8:00 Team 5

10:00 Team 7

12:00 Team 9


All servers should be dressed appropriately. When you cross the nave (central aisle), you should always bow your head to the tabernacle
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Liturgical Calendar

The Liturgical Calendar is divided into six seasons: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Triduum, Easter, and Ordinary Time
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Glossary of Terms

Nave: The main portion of the Church where the pews and sanctuary are located.
Reconciliation Room: The room in the far right corner of the church where the Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated
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Altar Server Teams

Effective April 10, 2018
*Names in bold indicate team captains.

Please take a moment to sign up for a team HERE.

5:30 PM 8:00 AM 10:00 AM 12:00 PM
Team 1

Emma Hawryluk

Madison Hawryluk

Maria Calvi

Francesca Fierro

Ernestina Fierro

Daniel Lodge

Team 4

Tiana Marie Allen

Yvonne Allen

Kristina Hilla

Dana Padilla

Team 6

Antonio Escobinas

Angelina Escobinas

Ivan Acapana

Nicholas Sowa

Team 8

Kevin Masbang

Kiara Masbang

Team 2

Julia Berkenbosch

Samantha Berkenbosch

Julian Reyes

Charlotte Ortzian

Brian Lipari

Quinn Siedlecki

Riley Siedlecki

Team 5

Gabriel John Bulacan

James Urquhart

Aomi Kissoon

Julia Tolfree

Team 7

Grace Costanza

Imre Karaszegi

Krystian Denise Gabin

Austin Mejia

Camryn Mejia

Team 9

Nora Dimarco

Team 3

Graydon Kastner

William Mansfield

Gabriella Minichiello

BellaMaria Minichiello

Raphaela Cardenas