Monthly archives:June 2015

  • Thank You Father Jared Faithful companion Fr. Jared holds one hand of his little nephew while his brother holds the other.  Together, they lift the child as waves break upon his feet at the seashore.   Fr. Jared shared this experience of holding and lifting his nephew in a recent homily.  He used ... [Read more]
  • GO TO JOSEPH Happy Father's Day to all our fathers! May God bless you in your vocation of fatherhood. As we think about and pray for our fathers I would like to suggest thinking about another father, St. Joseph. St. Joseph was known as the hidden saint...he was silent. He never speaks a word. After... [Read more]
  • Jumping in Faith St. Paul writes “Brothers and sisters: We are always courageous... for we walk by faith, not by sight.” Jesus teaches us that God’s Kingdom is at work in unseen ways within and among us to bring about God’s kingdom of love and justice on our good earth. Our smallest acts of fait... [Read more]
  • Corpus Christi Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ We are nourished for our mission to do the work of Christ. ’Far from diminishing our concern to develop this earth, the expectation of a new earth should spur us on, for it is here that the body of a new human family grows, foreshadowing in s... [Read more]
  • Reflection on the Mystery of the Trinity If God as primordial origin is pictured as the sun, and God incarnate as the beam of that same light streaming to the earth (Christ the sunbeam), then Spirit is the point of light that actually arrives and affects the earth with warmth and energy. And it... [Read more]