Monthly archives:June 2018

  • WELCOME FR. JOSEPH BOYKOW! FR. JOSEPH'S FIRST HOMILY AT ST. PHILIP THE APOSTLE: Hello everyone, my name is Fr. Joseph Boykow. I'm one of the newly ordained priests for our diocese. I just wanted to start by saying how happy I am to be here at St. Philip's, and to have you as my new family. This ... [Read more]
  • THE NATIVITY OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST THANK YOU FOR FATHER JULIO "THAT IS ALSO TRUE" When you live and work with someone their unique verbal expressions become a part of the fabric of your life. Father Julio in his bosso profundo voice, often exclaims after a statement is offered, "That Is Also Tr... [Read more]
  • 11TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME JUNE 17, 2018 BLESSING PRAYER FOR FATHER’S DAY Blessed are You, Lord and Father of All Life, who has given to us the gift of the father of our family. Today, we honor him, and we thank You for the numerous good things that are ours because of him. His love for us... [Read more]
  • 10TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE INVITED TO CONGRATULATE AND THANK FR. JULIO Bishop Serratelli has named Fr. Julio Barrios Chaplain of De Paul High School in Wayne for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. Fr. Julio will take residence in the Church of the Annunciation in Wayne. Fr.... [Read more]
  • THE MOST HOLY BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST As we celebrate the real presence of the Lord in the Eucharist, we believe in the transforming power of Christ’s love. The Eucharist in word and sacrament nourishes us as we grow in holiness and as we are empowered to share our time, talent and treasure. The p... [Read more]