Monthly archives:February 2019

  • SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Every week God asks us all to live the Gospel and to follow his teachings. Sometimes this is effortless, however, this week the message is not an easy one to live out. "Love your enemies. . . do good to those who hate you. . . bless those who curse you. . . pray fo... [Read more]
  • SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Life and Life Issues: Novena and Holy Hour The recent Reproductive Health Act passed in New York State repeals a State law which had guaranteed the right to immediate medical care and legal protection for any child born alive following a botched abortion after 20 week... [Read more]
  • FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME RECOGNIZE YOUR INVITATION FROM THE LORD Many people ask me, "Donna, what do you do at St. Philip's?" Well, my title is Evangelization Minister. "What exactly is an Evangelization Minister?" Good question because I wouldn't call "evangelization" a user-friendly word.... [Read more]
  • FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME THE SUPER BOWL! Super Bowl 2019 is almost history. All the words and all the hype will soon be just a memory. Every Super Bowl comes to a close with one team & their fans elated – and the other team & their fans disappointed. But there is one element of the Super B... [Read more]
  • THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Saint John Paul II addressed the Bishops of the United States, with these powerful words, "Catholic education aims not only to communicate facts but also transmit a coherent, comprehensive vision of life, in the conviction that the truths contained in that vision lib... [Read more]