Feast of the Epiphany

“And there above them was the light of the star that they had seen rising, the light that guided them… – Matthew 2:9

Radiant Lord,
     we rejoice with hearts filled with gratitude
     that You are not a hidden God
     for You reveal Yourself daily
     through the mystery of light.

Your majesty and glory
     shine out from within all of creation,
     as well as from sun, moon and stars.

We walk by their light,
     and we also feed upon that light
     as it is transformed daily into our food.

Blessed are You, Illuminator of All Creation,
     for the gifts of sunrise, high noon and sunset.

In the splendor of the sun,
     the sky-wheel of energy and light,
     we see Your splendor, O Light of Lights.

Your Son, Jesus, called Himself
     the light of the world
     and invited us to be His luminous brothers and sisters
     and Your children of light.

We are grateful for the daily light of insight,
     that gift by which we see our way to You.

We are also grateful for shadows and nightfall
     which serve as background for this light.

In our lives, we often stand
     in the darkness of failings and suffering.

May Your Diving Light
     penetrate the murky over cast of these times, and radiate outward from the horizon of our hearts.

May Your Divine Presence
     be a shining star in the midst of gloom.

Like the plants of the earth,
     may we lean toward You.
     Eternal Source of All Light and Energy.

Help us, this day,
     to be light to all we meet.

Blessed are You, Lord our God,
     who has filled creation with light and splendor.


Edward Hayes