Home Blessing for the New Year


(One person may lead the prayer or it may be divided into parts.)

Lord, our God,
You whose home is in heaven, on earth
and in that undiscovered beyond,
bless our home.
Surround this shelter with Your Holy Spirit.
Encompass all its four sides
with the power of Your protection.
May that divine blessing
shield this home from destruction, storm, sickness
to us who shall live within these walls.

Blessed be this doorway.
May all who come to it
be treated with respect and kindness.
May all our comings and goings
be under the seal of God’s loving care.

Blessed be all the rooms of this home.
May each of them be holy
and filled with the spirit of happiness.

Blessed be this living room.
May we truly live within it as people of peace.
May prayer and playfulness
never be strangers within its walls.
Blessed be this place where we shall eat.
May all our meals
be sacraments of the presence of God
as we are nourished at this altar-table.

Blessed be this kitchen.
Blessed be the herbs and spices,
and all the pots and pans used to prepare our meals.
May the ill-seasonings of anger and bitterness
never poison the meals prepared here.

Blessed be this bathroom.
May the spirits of health and healing abide here
and teach us to honor and love our bodies.

Blessed be these bedrooms.
Here we shall find rest, refreshment and renewal.

May the spirits of love and affection,
together with the spirits of angelic care
touch all who shall use these rooms.

Let us pause now and pray in silence
as each of us calls down the holy blessing of God
upon this our home.

Let us pray as our Lord taught us to pray:
“Our Father…”

Lord our God,
may Your divine name be always holy within our home.
May you, as Holy Father and Divine Mother,
lovingly care for all who shall live here.

May Your kingdom come in this home
as we love and respect one another.
May we always do Your holy will
by living in harmony and unity.

May our door be always open to those in need.
Open be this door
to the neighbor or to the stranger.
May our friends
who come to us in times of trouble and sorrow,
find our door open to them and to their needs.
May the holy light of God’s presence
shine forth brightly in this home
and be a blessing for all who shall live here
and for everyone who shall come to this door.

May God’s holy blessing rest upon all,
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
Adapted, Edward Hays, Prayers for the Domestic Church.


The origin of this ritual comes from eastern Europe where homeowners mark their doors with the sign 20+C+M+B=(year). CMB are the initials of the three Wise Men: Caspar, Melchoir and Balthasar who are remembered on the Feast of Epiphany.

Another interpretation given of this sign is: Christus Mansionem Bededicat (Christ Blesses this Mansion). We welcome you to bless your home for the New Year using the blessed chalk and rite given below:
One person makes the inscription with chalk above the door (20+C+M+B+14), while another proclaims the corresponding words: The three Wise Men, Caspar, Melchoir, and Balthasar followed the star of God’s son who became Man (20) two thousand years ago. (+) May Christ bless our dwelling (+) and remain with us throughout the New Year.

Prayer: Almighty Father, incline your ear. Bless us and all those who gather here. Send us your angel who will defend us and fill with Grace all who dwell in this place.