Youth Ministry

We Encourage and Support Youth Ministry as a Community of Faith

Youth Ministry is the sharing of God’s gifts through a community of relationships joined together through spirituality, service and social outreach. As young adults grow in their identity and character, youth ministry helps in the development of a vision for their lives, Sometimes, our young people are described as the “future of our Church,” however, if as a community we truly say “WE” then we recognize that the “future” is included in the “now.”

Each member of our Church discovers a place where his or her gifts and talents are shared most fully such as our Parish School, Religious Education program, Rosarians, Knights of Columbus, and the varied ministries listed in our bulletin and website. Our young people also gather with the purpose of journeying as stewards of God as an integral part of community.

Our parish has a rich history of youth ministry, spiritual retreats offered for young people and an admirable record of youth involvement in social service. For example, 91 young people worked at our recent parish carnival logging in almost 500 hours of service.

Recently a developing parish team for youth ministry is evolving with the guiding coordination of Bridget Rice. We welcome Bridget in her new role and ask your support in prayer as innovative ways to work with our youth are discerned and offered. May we join with our young people in sharing God’s gifts. In the words of St. Peter, “As every one of you has received gifts, minister to one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God (1 Peter 4:10).

Fr. Joe

Greetings from Youth Ministry Team Coordinator Bridget Rice

Hello, my name is Bridget Rice and together with fellow adult leader Victoria Veliky, I will be coordinating the youth group and Antioch retreats. I have been a parishioner at St. Philip’s since 2000 and I regularly attended the youth group and Antioch retreats since my freshman year of high school. I recently graduated with my degree in Elementary and Special Education from the University of Scranton. Since graduation, I have been working for a year at a special needs school in Cedar Knolls. I have worked alongside Fr. Brian for the past year during the youth group meetings on Thursdays and the two retreats last year. I am excited to continue working with these two amazing groups. It has been a goal of mine since I did my last retreat as a senior in 2008 to return to Antioch and be a part of the adult team. I encourage all the teens of our parish to join us at youth group meetings. It’s a great time to share ideas and fun times with some of the friends you may not have seen since elementary school and of course make some new and lasting friendships. I have a lot of great ideas for the coming year with the youth of the parish and I thank you for the continued support of the St. Philip’s community.

Fr. Jared and Youth Ministry

As I begin my ministry here at St. Philip’s I look forward to the many opportunities that are available for evangelizing. Youth Ministry is a crucial part of that evangelization. Young people are the Church, not only of the future, but of the present as well. I look forward to working with our coordinator Bridget Rice to engage the young people of our parish and to give them a positive experience of our faith and what it means to be Catholic today. I ask for your prayers of support as well as words of encouragement to our young people in high school to participate in the Youth Group. Please be aware of announcements in the bulletin regarding Youth Ministry here at St. Philip’s.