April 19, 2015

Companions on the Journey
With the Holy Spirit


Our Easter Season church banner symbols for the Journey.

Our Journey begins with God who creates us, accompanies us through life, death and resurrection until we return to God in glory. Our journey is from, “glory to glory.”(2Cor.3:18) Along the way we are transformed into the image and likeness of Christ through the working of the Holy Spirit. God dwells within us through the gift of Baptism. We need only to look inside to experience God. The Holy Spirit gifts, guides and invites us to live our mission to do Christ’s work our Opus Christiservice to our brothers and sisters on every step.

We are Companions on the Journey with God and with each other. The Two Figures shown form a Heart Shape as they companion one another in a bond of divine and human love. The word companion has its origins in two Latin roots; com-with and panis-bread. We “break bread” and share meals with the ones we love.

The Host and Chalice remind us of the precious Sacrament of the Eucharist where we share intimate communion with the Lord, our Bread of Life, and with each other.

The Cross in the center of the Host is the sign of our belief in the love of our God, Father, and Holy Spirit.

The Vertical line of the Cross calls to mind that everything, everyone and even we are From God.

The Horizontal line of the cross suggests the purpose for our lives which is to share our gifts For Others.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Risen Christ commissioned the disciples and therefore us to go out into the world and proclaim the Good News! Part of the Good News of Jesus Christ is the the power of the Holy Spirit at work within and among us. We are given all that we need to live our mission to love, work for justice and the flourishing of all people.

As we journey through the Easter Season to Pentecost the same Holy Spirit that propelled the disciples to live as Superheroes for Christ animates us through Baptism, Confirmation and with spiritual gifts. The power of the Holy Spirit that thrives in us is from God and for others.

Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
LifeTeen.com (freely adapted)

  • Wisdom enables us to discern and relish God’s presence in all things and to trust in Providence.
  • Understanding is seeing and feeling with the heart, God’s truth, beauty and goodness in ourselves, others and in our world.
  • Right Counsel helps us to sift and sort in prayer what cannot be changed and needs to be accepted and what can be changed and needs to be accomplished.
  • Fortitude emboldens us to dream of what is possible and to freely take risks to make that vision a reality.
  • Knowledge focuses our priorities and shifts our perspective to think, feel and act with faith, hope and love.
  • Piety (Reverence) is gratefully experiencing God in mind, heart and will in creation, ourselves and others and living ‘as Christ’ for others.
  • Fear of the Lord meaning “ WOW!” Awe, Wonder, Amazement Our sin, weakness and every difficulty is God’s opportunity to manifest the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives –WOW!


Some years ago a visitor to America toured her first supermarket. She was overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of foods. Amazement at the number of instant products such as powdered eggs, powdered soap and powdered milk shifted to deep shock, however, upon her seeing a container of baby powder.

We like things instantly. Life and faith do not work that way. Whatever is worthwhile takes time, effort and God’s abundant grace.

In today’s Gospel, the disciples do not get instant understanding of their experiences of the Risen Christ. They remain in the challenging process of discerning what it all means. What is the Lord giving to them and what does he want them to do for others?

We face similar challenges in our lives. The Holy Spirit is our companion on the Journey whose gifts help us along on our journey together.

Our first challenge is to recognize the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. Our second challenge is to use those gifts of God’s power at work within us. Depending on the gifts of the Holy Spirit is not an instant fix for life but an ongoing learning process. Making time to pray, worship and choosing our actions with God’s guidance turn our everyday lives into an experience of -“WOW!”


Our Mission and challenge is to be changed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit by applying them in our everyday lives. Re-read carefully the above list of gifts and their meanings and then prayerfully reflect on the following.

    1. What gifts do I see active in my life? How? Thank God.
    2. What gift do I need to experience more fully?
    3. How is God inviting me to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit more profoundly in my life?
    4. Who in my life is in need of my gifts?
    5. What one action will I take to share my gifts? Time, Talent, Treasure?

Awaken to God’s Bountiful Gifts

Giving thanks before meals is a holy practice which keeps us mindful that all that we have is a gift From God.

Making a Sign of the Cross as a simple blessing or grace before a meal is a way to reflect our Mission to share our gifts For Others.

Give thanks with a prayer of grace before each meal.

Trace the sign of the cross, saying or thinking:

Grace means gift; we acknowledge all that comes From God and remember to share what we have and are For Others.



We joyfully congratulate the 13 adults that received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil. Our prayers and best wishes are with Teresa Nydam, Roberto Rios, Charon Bandayrel, Cheryl Bandayrel, Julianna Binetti, Samantha Binetti, Brian Borbas, Shantel Cordero, Matthew Dujets, Amanda Fabiano, Matthew Fabiano, Eliseo Medrano, and Oscar Parra. May we all continue with them as Companions on the Journey.

Widow and Widowers

The Monday Night Group: April 27th and May 11th at 6:30 PM.

The New & Recently Bereaved Group: Wednesday, May 13th at 7:00 PM.

Separated & Divorced Support Group

Divorce Healing Group: 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, 7:00 PM in the Molloy Center on April 27th, May 11th.


Our next monthly meeting is Thursday, April 24, 2015 at 7 PM in Cerullo Hall. Please try to attend this very important meeting because we our taking nominations for next year’s officers. Call Sharon at 973.742.0926.

Knights of Columbus

K of C 2nd Annual Comedy Night is May 16th in the auditorium. Dinner buffet and show $35! For tickets call Jack Jaeger: 973. 985.0761 or Mike Andolino: 201.953.4724.

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