April 21, 2019



Christ Be Our Light

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Easter 2019
Turn On The Light

The 1940 film Young Tom Edison tells the story about Edison as an adolescent. A game changing part of young Tom’s life is shown. One night his mother is stricken with severe pain and collapses. The doctor is summoned who informs them that Mrs. Edison needs an emergency appendectomy and that he will have to wait until the morning because he needs daylight to operate. Edison does not curse the darkness but becomes love in action by zealously gathering candles, lanterns and mirrors from neighbor’s homes and the local hardware store. He illuminates his family’s dining room table where the operation will take place with the gathered and mirrored light. The plan works. The reflection of all those lights joined for a single-purpose gives new life to his mother. Edison vowed, “One-day people will not live in the darkness. I shall bring them light.”

Of course several years later, Thomas Edison took action and because of him we do not have to be in the darkness; we can Turn On The Light. Because of the invention of the lightbulb, whenever we choose, we live in the light.

During this Holy Week, we remember the story of Jesus’s struggle with the same darkness that inevitably shrouds our lives: temptation, doubt, betrayal, pain, anguish, physical suffering and death. This Easter we celebrate that our Lord did not curse the darkness but rather freely embraced every aspect of our human pain by becoming love in action through his life, death and Resurrection. We believe that because of Jesus we may walk in darkness, but we always have the light of Christ to illuminate the way through the darkness. Christ is our light. We believe that our prayer to Christ our light, brings comfort, forgiveness, healing and one day victory over all darkness even death. Death is overcome by the bright light of the resurrection and the promise of eternal life.

We live in the light of this Easter-light of Christ. We are commissioned and empowered to be the light of Christ to one another. When we shine through the darkness of our pain and suffering, we become light and love in action. When we feel darkness and invite Christ’s light to help and to heal us, we gain compassion which motivates us to help others in their darkness. When we join for the common purpose of being the light of Christ for others, we become love in action and give new life to our world.

This Easter, we remember Christ’s light, we celebrate Christ shining through us, we believe that we are people who do not curse the darkness but shine through the darkness bringing light.

On this Easter day, we pray that we will be the light of love in action. We pray, that the people in our lives will never live in darkness when we are the light of Christ for them. May we, deep within our hearts, turn on the light of Christ’s compassion – turn on the light of Christ’s sacrifice – turn on the light of Christ’s victory over death by turning on the light of Christ’s love in all things.

Christ be our light, shine in our hearts, shine in the darkness. Christ be our light we place our hope and trust in you.

This Easter day Turn On Your Light!

Reflection Question and Action
Lord, what one action can I take to be your light to others? Be that Light.

The light that comes shining through the Dalle de verre windows in our church choir loft and lobby (narthex) areas adds beauty and inspires prayer. The rich colored, jeweled tone glass has a French name, Dalle de verre, which means – thick slabs of glass. Like most things, the French name is more beautiful. The origin of Dalle de verre glass dates to the Byzantine Empire whose love of mosaics was channeled into the creation of similar patterns in colorful windows. The style went out of fashion until French artists in the 1920s revitalized the art form. Pioneer Auguste Lobouret brought this form of stained-glass to Canada after World War II and to the United States in the early 1950s. 75 years ago, when this glass was chosen for our church, it was – pun intended – cutting edge!

Similar art glass was recently placed in our church’s Reredos (the altarpiece or screen behind our altar). The art glass is illuminated from behind and adds a subtle beauty to our altar space. The artwork is designed as an enhancement that supports the focal points of the Ambo and Altar during the Eucharist. At other times the focuses are the Tabernacle and Crucifix. In addition, the delicate glass colors symbolize our lives that shine with diversity, radiating the light of Christ. We shine forth with God’s gifts. Each piece has been intentionally chipped and broken to refract a varied light. The light of Christ shines through our broken places when we embrace forgiveness and healing grace. We radiate our finest colors and truest beauty when we shine with empathetic and compassionate acts of love and service for one another.

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