February 23, 2020

FEBRUARY 23, 2020

LENT 2020

During this Season of Lent, you are invited to participate in our new theme: Our Call and Journey – Love in Action through: Homilies, Bulletin & Website articles, YouTube presentations –
(YouTube.com/stphilipclifton), and by performing Acts of Love (forms of Lenten penance).

Shortly before our parish fire in 2018 we began the process of designing Stained Glass Windows as a celebration of our 75th Jubilee Year. With the prayerful input of our Liturgical Design Committee, Liturgical Architect and the artists Butler/Vargo, Inc., Indianapolis, IN., thirteen windows are designed and in production with an estimated installation in June.


The East windows (parking lot side) depict the Scriptural events on the journey of our patron, St. Philip. For example, Window 1 shows the Call of Philip and his response to his Mission of doing the works of Christ. The West windows, (Valley Road side) represent the journey of our parish in our mission to be Love in Action in Christ’s name. The East windows are designed in a traditional style with figures; the West windows are in a more contemporary, symbolic style. Reading from East to West, the story of our Journey is told from God’s call in the glory of Christ to our fullness of glory in the promise of our heavenly home.

Our Lord is inviting you, as surely as he did St. Philip, to respond to Christ’s Call to Journey with us this Lent through prayer, participation in our theme offerings and through performing Acts of Love (Lenten penance) in word and deed.

Our Lenten Reflection Hymn is to the tune of Hear I Am, Lord, with lyric modification.
Here I Am, Lord
Long ago in Galilee, Jesus offered faith as key.
Healing words and deeds of love, good news for all.
Philip heard, “Please follow me,”
entered Jesus’ ministry.
“Love in Action” is God’s call to one and all.

Refrain: Here I am, Lord, here to follow.
To shine forth your love is my delight.
You give gifts, Lord, and I serve you.
I will hold your people in my heart.

Jesus promised to abide, journey with us in each stride,
“Work in my name” is Christ’s call, as stewards all.
All in need of healing grace,
through our hands God will embrace.
“Love in Action” is God’s call to one and all. (Refrain)

Praise our God whose power shines.
Blessed hope is love divine,
building a community, for ministry.
Through all challenge, fire and strife,
God’s grace resurrects new life.
“Love in Action” is God’s call to one and all. (Refrain)

1. Please reflect on the words above or sing along. What thoughts or feelings arise? Share them with Jesus.
2. How will you be Love in Action on this day?

Lenten penance is a prayerful way to take actions that remind us of God’s Call to awaken to God’s presence in all things on the Journey. Changing our routines and patterns of behavior grab our attention and may focus us on the spiritual dimension (A common penance, for example, giving up some food). This Lent we suggest more positive, proactive Lenten penances called Acts of Love. These acts are relationship based and involve honoring the presence of God in each other on the journey through – courtesy, hospitality and responsible stewardship of ourselves, others and our world.

1. Prayer: Pray often: Tell God honestly your thoughts and feelings in prayer. Ask, ‘Ok God, what’s the good news?’ when your thoughts, feelings or situations are challenging. Being honest with God alone is good news.
2. Hospitality: “Welcome others as you would greet Christ. Liturgically we greet and acknowledge our God in each person with, ‘The Lord be with you.’ In everyday life we are hospitable with a Smile, Hello and Goodbye, Making Eye Contact, Shaking Hands.
3. Graciousness: Offering the gift of acknowledging the grace in every interaction is simply saying – Please, Thank you, You’re Welcome. These are daily acts of respect and love (and are often neglected over time in relationships).
4. Stewardship: Growing as a responsible steward – Ask prayerfully, Lord, what do I have to offer to this situation – as Love in Action – in word or in deed?
5. Recycling: Our world is God’s gift for which we are responsible. What behaviors of mine need to change that contribute to a cleaner, safer and resource friendly environment for me and others.
6. Peacemakers: Pray for those with whom we are not at peace:
“Bless (PERSON’S NAME) and transform me to set me free.”
7. Participate: Our Parish is offering many Lenten opportunities listed in the bulletin. Choose to participate and invite someone to join you as St. Philip and all disciples have a mission to Call others to Journey with the Lord by doing Christ’s Work as Love in Action.

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