January 26, 2019

JANUARY 26, 2020


A gentleman was walking one day in the east end of the city of Glasgow. The streets were so narrow, and the houses so high, that little direct sunshine ever reached the houses on one side. The gentleman noticed a boy excited with a small piece of mirror, to catch the sun’s rays and direct them to a certain spot on one of the houses oppo¬site. He became interested in the boy’s earnest efforts. “What are you trying to do, laddie?” he asked. “Do you see yon window up there?” the boy replied. “Well, my wee brother had an accident two years ago, and is always lying on his back in yon room, and it is on the wrong side to get the sunshine, so I always try to catch the light in this wee glass and shine it into his room.”—The Homiletic Review

All of the Scriptures on the third weekend in the church year speak to us about light. Isaiah reminds us: “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. Upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom, a light has shone.” We’ve heard that before. Remember, it was about a little over a month ago, yes: “The Lord is our light and our salvation. Of whom should we be afraid?” We are to wait for the Lord, wait with courage. And now we hear the Lord tell his disciples: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Reform your lives! He then called some fishermen to follow in his ways; Peter and his brother Andrew, James and his brother John. The scripture tells us: “They immediately left everything and followed him.” Maybe that is a bit exaggerated, but it does speak to us about urgency of the call and the response. Nonetheless the Lord of Light has been calling people to follow him, to help make some changes in this troubled world of ours. He has called you and me and we too are invited to give a response.

Whenever we want to change anything in this world, whenever we want something done, we need to call upon others for help. When people have a common cause and work together great things happen and that good work changes the lives of millions of people. It is amazing to realize how the Lord is able to take the little we offer and transform it into something great, good and beautiful. Peter and Andrew, James and John and all the others did not understand what would happen once they accepted the Lord’s call. And when we think about it, neither did all those families who lived before us, all of our grandparents, parents, relatives and friends, all of those early pioneers who settled here. We know and we are grateful for all their efforts to build the kingdom. Like those early disciples they went out and preached and healed and chased away all evil to make our lives even better.

Like the boy in the opening story even our little effort can make a huge change in somebody else’s life. Many times, the broken mirrors in our lives when used in a good way can change the lives of those around us. Through Baptism we have become the children of light and we are invited to share this light with one another by being love in action. I invite you and myself to reflect on the following questions: Who in our lives need us to shine a little light in their room? Does someone come to our mind? What will we do about it?
Father Matt

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