July 26, 2015

Bread for the Journey

Now there was a great deal of grass in that place.
So the men reclined, about five thousand in number.
Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks,
and distributed them to those who were reclining,
and also as much of the fish as they wanted.
When they had had their fill, he said to his disciples,
“Gather the fragments left over,
so that nothing will be wasted.”
So they collected them,
and filled twelve wicker baskets with fragments
from the five barley loaves
that had been more than they could eat.

When the people saw the sign he had done, they said,
“This is truly the Prophet, the one who is to come
into the world.”
– John 6:1-15


‘Far from diminishing our concern to develop this earth,
The expectation of a new earth should spur us on,
for it is here that the body of a new human family grows,
foreshadowing  in some way the age which is to come That is why earthly progress
is a vital concern to the kingdom of God.
When we have nurtured on earth the values
of human dignity, communion and freedom,
we will find them once again,
freed from stain, illuminated and transfigured.
Here in earth the kingdom is mysteriously present;
when the Lord comes, it will enter into its perfection.’
(Vatican II, The church in the Modern World, 39)

The Song of the Bread

Bread from seed sown in earth
bread made by human hands
bread tasting of sorrow
and of people of many lands

bread of war and of peace
unchanging daily bread
strange bread of affection
and the stone bread of the dead
bread, our body our all
earned with such bitter sweat
bread, life with our fellows
whom we easily forget

bread without which we die
matter of such great worth
bread shared with each other
through all our life on earth.

Bread of life shared with us –
you give yourself as food
you, man among others
and a God of flesh and blood.8
8 Huub Oosterhuis, Your Word is Near (New York: Paulist, 1968), 138


Lord our God, you have sown in us your word,
given us your son – he, who was broken and died for us,
is bread and life for the world.
We ask you to let us find strength to tread his path,
to let us be for each other as fertile as seed and as nourishing as bread
and thus lead a fulfilling life.9
9 Huub Oosterhuis, Your Word is Near, 139
– Donal Harrington & Julie Kavanagh


Welcome to our new Youth Minister

Andrew Scalone has been working with our Youth Ministry Program on a volunteer basis for the past year. We are delighted to announce that Andy will join our pastoral staff as our part-time Youth Minister.  Andy will plan and coordinate the Youth Group meetings with the youth team and our Young Adult Youth Leader, Bridget Rice.

In addition, he will be responsible for our retreat programs, Seven, Antioch, Search and be an ongoing source for the high school Religious Education Program.

Andy is organized, creative and dedicated to our youth.

The Summer Youth Group Meetings will be held in the Youth Room on Thursdays at 7:00 PM on the following dates:

  • August 6
  • August 20

Religious Education Registration

This year there are several ways to register your child for Religious Education:

  1. You can go on line at www.stphilip.org and complete the form and pay online.
  2. You can register in person by appointment only and pay with cash or check.
  3. You can call the office to request that the packet be mailed to you and return with payment.

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