June 21, 2015


Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers! May God bless you in your vocation of fatherhood. As we think about and pray for our fathers I would like to suggest thinking about another father, St. Joseph. St. Joseph was known as the hidden saint…he was silent. He never speaks a word. After the infancy narratives we never hear about him again. No word of his may be recorded in scripture, but he has spoken volumes to us. God called Joseph to not one, but three great vocations in life…husband, father, and worker. God entrusted to Joseph two of his greatest possessions…the Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ. What an awesome vocation…an awesome responsibility to be the husband of the Blessed Mother and the foster father of the Saviour of the world. Husbands and fathers…think about waking up each morningand seeing the Mother of God and the Son of God. Joseph could have rejected these vocations but he did not. With complete faith and trust in God he said “yes.” God speaks to him a few times in scripture and each time Joseph responds to do the will of God. In the quiet of his silence, Joseph is a man of deeds, not words.

The Father of Jesus and the Father of us all is our Father in Heaven. When he had to choose a human being to be the father of his Son, he chose Joseph. Jesus called Joseph “dad.” Jesus learned about human fatherhood through Joseph. Joseph was the human face of the divine Father. That was Joseph’s vocation…to mirror the fathehood of God and to make visible the divine fatherhood. Isn’t that the responsibility, the vocation, of every Catholic father? To be a Catholic father means to represent the fatherhood of God to all people, but especially to those whom God has placed in his care….his children.

God our father plants seeds in each of us…the seeds of faith. Catholic fathers, along with their wives, have the responsibility and obligation to make sure that these seeds of faith grow. Like St. Jospeh, fathers are to lead by example, not words. Pray in front of your children…come to Mass, pray at home, learn about your faith, bring your children to learn about the faith, and say “I love you.”

There is a popular Latin phrase, “Ite ad Joseph”…”go to Joseph.” Fathers, go to Joseph, pray to him and ask him for guidance and protection. Imitate his virtues of fidelity, gentleness, love, strength, courage, faith, and manliness. Give of yourself to others. Unfortunately, some of us may not know fathers like this. So we have to pray for them and for their conversion of heart. We give thanks today for all of our good Catholic fathers and in a special way those who have died. We pray for an increase in vocations to fatherhood. We need more men like Joseph…”Ite ad Joseph.” Go to Joseph…become Joseph…become the human face of the Divine Father.

– Fr. Jared


Blessed are You, Lord and Father of All Life,
who has given to us
the gift of the father of our family.
Today, we honor him,
and we thank You for the numerous good things
that are ours because of him.
His love for us
has been a sign of Your divine affection
and a sharing in Your holy love.
His continuous concern for our needs and welfare
is a mirror of Your holy providence.
And so, as we honor him,
we praise You, Father of All Peoples.

Bless him this day
with Your strength and holy power
that he may continue to be a sign of You, our God,
and a priestly parent to our family.

May we, the members of his family,
assist him in his holy duties as a parent
with our respect,
our obedience
and our deep affection.

Bless him, Lord,
with happiness and good health,
and with peace,
so that he who has shared of his very life
may live forever with You,
his God and heavenly Father.

This blessing and all graces, we pray,
descend upon the father of our family:
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

– Edward Hayes

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2015


Bishop Serratelli has named me the Administrator of St. Catherine of Siena Church in Mountain Lakes as of June 29th. This news brings about many different emotions for me. I will leave St. Philip saddened but also full of joy and hope at the same time. I have been blessed by each of you. I am impressed by your faithfulness, holiness, and sincerity. I take this with me as I continue to serve the people of God in Mountain Lakes and wherever God takes me in the future. Throughout my life I have trusted in God. He has always provided for me. Even in difficult moments God was present to me, to sustain me, and bring me to where I needed to be. Please pray for me in these coming weeks as I prepare to make this transition. Continue to be open to the working of the Holy Spirit in your life as I will in mine. Trust in the providence of God. May God continue to bless you and let us pray for one another.


Last Saturday, Bishop Serratelli ordained 14 men to the Priesthood at St. Philip. This past Tuesday he assigned Rev. Jose Miguel Jimenez to be our Parochial Vicar effective June 29. Fr. Miguel was born on June 12, 1987 in Colombia to Jose and Ana Jimenez. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from the Seminary of Jesus Christ the High Priest in Antioquia, Colombia. After arriving to the United States and the Diocese of Paterson he studied and received a Master’s Degree in Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Throughout his time in the seminary, Fr. Miguel spent three years at Holy Family, Florham Park and one year as a Deacon at Sacred Heart and Holy Rosary in Dover. Fr. Miguel enjoys playing soccer and reading.

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