June 3, 2018


As we celebrate the real presence of the Lord in the Eucharist, we believe in the transforming power of Christ’s love. The Eucharist in word and sacrament nourishes us as we grow in holiness and as we are empowered to share our time, talent and treasure. The poem “Praise the Shaper of Hearts” written by Joyce Rupp, O.S.M. is a prayerful opportunity to give God thanks. Thanksgiving is what the Greek word “Eucharist” means in English.

As you reflect on each stanza ask:
• “How do I experience God in this way?”
• “How am I being called to share this gift with others?”

Praise to the One whose love
stirs the ancient embers
sparks the breath of prayer

Praise to the One whose love
entices the wandering
beckons the confused

Praise to the One whose love
grows wings on the weary
dreams hope in the discouraged

Praise to the One whose love
dips deeply into diversity
pours forth boundless beauty

Praise to the One whose love
soothes the ointment of mercy
transforms with the touch of compassion

Praise to the One whose love
threads the energy of friendship
stiches the strength of fidelity

Praise to the One whose love
tickles the souls with laughter
urges the heart toward joy

Praise to the One whose love
embraces the untamed
dances with the passionate

All praise to this Gracious One
All gratitude to this Beloved
All love to this Mentor of Friendship
All devotion to the Shaper of Hearts.
Joyce Rupp

Bishop Serratelli will name Fr. Julio Barrios Chaplain of De Paul High School in Wayne for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. Fr. Julio will take residence in the Church of the Annunciation in Wayne.

Fr. Julio’s gifts of enthusiasm, concern for pastoral care and interest in a holistic approach to spirituality will serve the students, faculty and families of De Paul Catholic as he fosters the school’s mission through his leadership.

Please keep Fr. Julio in your prayer during this time of transition as he prepares to assume the responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the premier Catholic High School in Passaic County.

In gratitude for Fr. Julio’s two and one-half years of faithful service to Saint Philip the Apostle we will hold a congratulatory reception on Sunday, June 24 following the twelve noon Mass in the auditorium. Details to follow.

The new time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be at 4:00 PM on Saturdays instead of 11:00 AM. This will become effective on Saturday, June 2, 2018.

This month, parishes throughout our Diocese are asked to take up a collection for the Church in Latin America and for Catholic Relief Services. I ask you to please support these worthy causes by participating in this combined collection.
Bishop Serratelli
This combined collection will be taken this weekend.


The Year of our Lord 2018 is our parish Jubilee commemorating 75 years of fulfilling our mission of Opus Christi –which is Latin for Christ’s Work. During the decades our parish has been love in action, bringing good news through spiritual, service and social ministry.
Jesus said to our parish patron St. Philip, “Whoever believes in me will do the works I do and even great works.” John 14:22

Our Jubilee Prayer
Rejoicing in you, O Lord, with thankful hearts we pray as . . .
We Remember
gratefully our past companions on the Journey whose
sacrifice inspires us.
We Celebrate
the good news of love in action that empowers spiritual,
service and social ministry.
We Believe
In God’s providence as faithful stewards who continue Christ’s
work using the Keys to the Kingdom.


Registration for the 2018-2019 year is now open. An early incentive discount will be given if registration is completed by June 30. New families are welcome!

There are two ways to register:
• Online: Please visit www.stphilip.org. The registration forms and fees can be submitted electronically.
• In Person or by Mail: Download and Print the registration form, and return with fees to the Parish Rectory.
Please be sure that you are registered with the parish prior to registering your child/children for class. Contact Barbara Salzer, parish secretary at 973 779-6200.
Please contact dleach@stphilip.org with any questions about our Religious Education program.

Blessings on our Confirmadi that were confirmed by Bishop Serratelli. Following is the corrected list of those that were confirmed on May 24th:
Michelle Aguila Goldnick, Anthony Amato, David E. Arroyo-Merino, Adrienne Baker, Gian Carlo Balandra, Nicholas Bayuelo, Juliette Bianchi, Amara Buchta, Matthew Cassese, Lissy Delgado, Stephen Dempsey, James Domaleski, Andrea Dubbels, Sebastian Escobar, Pari Farid, Francesca Fierro, Justin Finocchiaro, Krystian Gabin, Tianna Gopaul, Jamielyn Juan, Lindsay Juranich, Alexis Kobylarz, Stefanie Lantigua, Brian Lipari, Isaiah Lobelo, Matteo Maccarrone, Daniel Marriello, Gerald McCarrick, Ana Maria Medina, Megan Mitchell, William Note, Charlotte Ortzian, Vincent Petriella, Marco Pires, Kaylee Reyes, Joseph Rubino, Kerrie Sekanics, Amanda & Victoria Sullivan, Alexa Torres, Haley Valdes, Mariah Vargas, Matthew Vega, Melissa Wydak, Paige Yagins, Kyle Zlotkowski

The youth group will meet on June 3 in the Youth Room after the 10 AM Mass.

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