March 01, 2020

MARCH 1, 2020


During this Season of Lent, you are invited to participate in our theme: Our Call and Journey – Love in Action through: Homilies, Bulletin & Website articles, YouTube presentations –
(, and by performing Acts of Love (forms of Lenten penance).

Shortly before our parish fire in 2018 we began the process of designing Stained Glass Windows as a celebration of our 75th Jubilee Year. With the prayerful input of our Liturgical Design Committee, Liturgical Architect and the artists Butler/Vargo, Inc., Indianapolis, IN., thirteen windows are designed and in production with an estimated installation in June.


The image depicted above is a close-up photograph of Stained Glass Window I, which shows the hand of Christ and a profile of the hand of the artist Brad Butler using an artist’s cloth while working on the window. The symbolism of Christ’s hand and the artist’s hand touching is an example of Brad using his gifts and talents to be Love in Action through his work. The image of the completed window (which will be shown in a few weeks) depicts Jesus reaching out his hand to Call our Parish patron St. Philip to do Christ’s work. We, like St. Philip and our artist Brad, are Called by Christ to Journey hand in hand with the Lord and with each other. We are Called to live our lives using our gifts and talents to do Christ’s Work by being Love in Action in our words and deeds.

The East windows (parking lot side) depict the Scriptural events on the journey of our patron, St. Philip. For example, Window 1 shows the Call of Philip and his response to his Mission of doing the works of Christ. The West windows, (Valley Road side) represent the journey of our parish in our mission to be Love in Action in Christ’s name. The East windows are designed in a traditional style with figures; the West windows are in a more contemporary, symbolic style. Reading from East to West, the story of our Journey is told from God’s call in the glory of Christ to our fullness of glory in the promise of our heavenly home.

Our Lord is inviting you, as surely as he did St. Philip, to respond to Christ’s Call to Journey with us this Lent through prayer, participation in our theme offerings and through performing Acts of Love (Lenten penance) in word and deed.

Reflection Week II
A young woman is visiting the South on a hot humid day. She decides to take refreshment in a little country store. Opening the creaky screen door she sees a huge sign that reads, “Beware of the violent dog at your feet!”
Looking down she sees a gigantic sleeping dog. Quietly she backs away and closes the door. Whispering through the screen she calls to the proprietor, “I’d like to come in – but the dog.” “Oh don’t worry about him. He’s the gentlest and laziest dog you’ll ever see. The sign protects him and my customers. He never moves when people come in and they often step on him or fall over him all the time. The sign fixes all that for all of you, come on in!”
In our story the storekeeper provides a sign as a way for people to journey through his store so that all the parties are cared for. Lent is a season in our church when God provides opportunities for our spiritual journey. In order to be refreshed by spiritual renewal we need to participate and to get through the door. Sometimes fear blocks us, sometimes laziness. The good news is that if you are reading this you are already responding to the Lord’s call. We need not be afraid of spiritual things because God holds our hand on every step. If we lack motivation or feel lethargic about spiritual things we can jumpstart our enthusiasm by asking God in prayer to inspire us to action. God loves to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves! Come in and seek refreshment and peace through participation in our Lenten Journey. Reach for the hand of the Lord to do Christ’s work.

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