March 10, 2019



Christ Be Our Light: Week II

  • Tired of black and white, all or nothing thinking?
  • Do your fears keep you in the dark?
  • Living in the shadow of doubt about God’s ability to be your strength in every weakness?
  • Looking for a key to set you free from all shades of anger and resentment?
  • Is your love dimmed and your heart needing to be open to love of yourself, others and God?

Christ Be Our Light Theme
Prayer is the key transforming fear into faith, doubt into hope and closed hearts into love in action.
Join us by participating in the prayer and practices offered through the bulletin, website and weekly homilies.
Step into the bright light of freedom by praying our Lenten prayer daily:
Christ, be our light! Shine in our hearts.
Shine in the darkness.
We shine your love,
Placing our hope and trust in you.

Reflection Story
The young apprentice stood beside the light of the blacksmith’s forge. The blacksmith instructed the serious young man, “When I take the shoe out of the fire, I’ll lay it on the anvil, and when I nod my head, you hit it with this hammer.”
The apprentice did just as he was told. Now he’s the village blacksmith.
The apprentice suffered from black and white thinking or rather the blacksmith did! Black and white, all or nothing, literal interpretations, only seeing light or dark, either/or – are ways of seeing the world that is not helpful to loving or to the spiritual life. God created light and darkness. Both exist for a reason. Cosmologically dark matter in space is necessary for light to travel. Visually all darkness or only light (as in snow blindness) mean no sight. Spiritually, we are always discerning between choices that involve shades of light and darkness. Prayer is the key to seeing with greatest clarity. We live in shades of color and may wisely invite God to help us to decide what the next loving or right thing to do might be. When we invite the light of Christ into our minds, hearts and will, we are more likely to respond in the most Christ like manner.

Jesus, although fully Divine, struggled with temptation in his humanity as we hear in today’s Gospel. Jesus suffers as he discerns in the desert what His Heavenly Father is asking of him in various situations. Jesus used prayer as the key in his own decision-making process.

Every day and many times a day, we face thoughts, feelings and possible actions that are opportunities for us to invite the light of Christ into our lives. Our greatest temptations is black and white thinking because it leaves no room for God to enter our discerning and decision-making processes. When we recognize that life is shaded, we see clearly our need for God.

Reflection Questions
1. What type of black and white thinking prevents you from inviting God into your thoughts, feelings and decisions? (Hint: whatever makes you extremely angry or very fearful are the places to look at first and discuss with God).
2. Could prayer shed some light on your resentments or anxieties?
3. What are your temptations? Remember they are invitations for prayer so that Christ’s light may shine in the darkness.
4. What one act can you take to be light for others this week?

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