March 27, 2016


Compassion on the Journey is our participation in Our Holy Father’s invitation for the Church to celebrate a Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Compassion is the heart of Mercy.
You are invited to join us as we experience God’s compassion and learn to be more compassionate and of fuller service to one another.


The church banner pictured above displays our Easter Theme symbols. Our journey begins with God who creates us, accompanies us through life, death and resurrection until we return to God in glory. Our journey is from “glory to glory” (2Cor.3:18). Along the way we are transformed into the image and likeness of the Risen Christ. God is our compassionate companion on the journey and invites us to offer compassionate service to one another.

The Two Figures shown form a Heart Shape as they symbolize human and divine love. The word compassion has its origins in two Latin roots; com-with and passion-to suffer/intense force. The meaning of compassion is a union of love that motivates beyond sympathy and empathy, ‘to be one with’ and, therefore, compels with a commitment to action physically, emotionally or spiritually as needed.


The image is of Rembrandt’s Portrait of Christ’s Head 1650, oil on wood, State Museum Berlin – Dahlem. (For a clear view/see website)

Our focus is on ways to reflect and pray with the masterpiece. Appreciate the expression of Christ captured by the artist. Notice the exposed ear which suggests that Jesus listens with compassion.

St. Benedict of Nursea encouraged compassionate listening with the challenge,

“Listen with the ear of your heart.”

Compassion is listening with the ear of your heart and acting on what you hear.

Easter Prayer :

Resurrected Glory – guide our hearts to serve
Dona nobis pacem, Grant us Peace.


God of all compassion, guide us on our way,
Onto Easter’s Dawning – Christ th’ Eternal Day.
Alleluia! Enlightened hymns we raise:
Resurrected Glory – guide our hearts to serve.

Easter Reflection

One night the captain of a ship orders his signalman to send a message to the light right in front of them, “Turn your ship ten degrees to port.” The signal returns, “Turn your ship ten degrees to the starboard.” Surprised, the Captain orders the message sent, “I am the Captain of a battleship, turn your ship to port.” The response is swift and clear. “I am a lighthouse!!”

A lighthouse is an unmovable sign of great compassion built in stone and mortar, offering a light to guide ships on their journey at sea. A lighthouse saves ships in storms and fog, their light guides in the right direction and their beacons bring ships home to safe and peaceful harbors.

Easter is our celebration of Christ, our light. Christ is the compassion of God born in flesh and blood to guide us on our journey through life. Through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, the light of the resurrected glory of Christ is always right in front of us.

The light of Christ saves us with compassion from the storms in our discontented hearts, the howling winds of our overactive minds and from the crashing waves of our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual pain.

The light of Christ guides us with compassion in the right direction, away from the rocks of sin, addiction and brokenness, to the healing shores of forgiveness, freedom and healing grace.

The light of Christ shines with compassion through depression, despair and paralyzing fear, showing the way to vigor, hope and courage.

Christ is the light that gives us a compassionate vision of the glory of the resurrection right here and now. Christ is our light when grace grants us peace to smile through our tears, motivates us to extend our hand to another in darkness, and opens our arms in service to those who feel lost.

The light of Christ is the compassionate promise of the resurrection when our journey ends in the safe harbor and bright glory of our heavenly home.

The light of Christ is right before us beckoning us to be light for one another. The light of Christ is compassion guiding us in ways of forgiveness, peace and justice. The light of Christ is the compassion that radiates from our minds and hearts. The light of Christ empowers us to be safe harbors of service reflecting Christ’s resurrected glory.

The light of Christ is right in front of us. Easter signals to us to turn toward the light of Christ and to shine as bright beacons of God’s light and compassion with every word and in every deed:

Resurrected Glory, guide our hearts to serve.
Alleluia, alleluia.

Reflection Activity

What one action can I take this Easter to be a compassionate light for another person in word or in deed?

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