November 16, 2014

Our Work – Sharing God’s Gifts

“Well done, my good and faithful servant.” – Matthew 25:21

Our mission is to share God’s gifts through the work we are entrusted with each day.  Work is more than a job, it is our purpose whether we are giving or receiving.  Some of our most challenging work is to graciously allow ourselves to be cared for by others, find reasons for gratitude or to gently let go of our plan for a greater good.

Bring him everything!
Your dreams, your successes, your rejoicing.
And if you have little to rejoice over,
 bring him that little.
And if your life seems only like a heap of fragments,
bring him fragments.
And if you have only empty hands,
bring him your empty hands.
Shattered hopes are his material;
In his hand all is made good.
(Meister Eckhart)


D. Harrington and J. Kavanagh

Before we begin our work, we turn to you O Lord.
For it is your work that we do, the work of your Gospel.
We know this but we often lose sight of it.
We begin to rely on our own efforts only.
Or we lose sight of the vision and get absorbed in the details.
And so today, we bring to our work a lively sense that you, Lord,
are the ground and the goal, the inspiration of all that we do.
In this awareness may we do our work lovingly.
In this awareness may we do our work joyfully.
May we be not too quick with our judgments,
our agenda, our interpretations.
May we pause patiently, to open up to your wisdom,
to see with your eyes.
And may we be not so absorbed in our tasks
that we forget our co-workers and those for whom we struggle.
May the way in which we carry out our work
make for healing and reassurance for all.

Bless us, O Lord, in our work today,
Bless us, O lord, and be with us, we pray.
May all that we do your glory proclaim,
may all that we do be done in your name.

Feeding the Hungry at Thanksgiving

Our parish has a long history of giving service through ministry especially in the area of feeding those in need at Thanksgiving. We will not be collecting food but rather taking free-will donations that will be converted into food gift certificate cards.

How the Thanksgiving Food Donation Works

A free will donation envelope will be available in the vestibule in the back of the church. The Thanksgiving Food Donation envelope can be picked up this weekend, November 15/16 and then returned in the collection basket the next weekend, November 22/23. You may write your parish giving envelope number on the Thanksgiving Food Donation Envelope in order to have your gift added to your yearly contribution statement.

If you are in need, or know of someone that is in need of food for Thanksgiving (or ongoing assistance), please contact Catholic Charities at 973-279-7100 and ask for Kristen McEvoy ex. 38.  St. Philip the Apostle Church and School support Catholic Charities at Thanksgiving.

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