November 23, 2014

Feast of Christ the king

Our Shepherd King

A burning ambition to create the greatest statue of Jesus ever made filled famous Danish sculptor Thorvadsen. One afternoon, he began to shape a clay model of a real figure with an imperious tilt of the head with one arm raised in a gesture of triumph and holding a King’s scepter. The sculptor inscribed “Christ the King” beneath the clay model. He went to sleep content that this image of Christ strong, dominant and a little intimidating was a full realization of his vision. But, the sculptor left a small window open in his studio. During the night, fog and sea spray filled his Oceanside studio. The moisture affected the shape of the model so that when the auditors returned to the studio in the morning he was shocked to see a very different image in clay. The head of Christ had bowed slightly as if straining to hear, the facial expression had been transformed from severity to compassion and the arms had dropped in an attitude of welcome. The kingly scepter bent into a shepherd’s crook. The sculptor stared at the figure and with eyes filled with tears knew at once that this Christ, as a gentle guide, was not only his masterpiece but a finer image of our Shepherd King who rules with a heart of divine love. The new inscription, “Come Unto Me.”

Thanksgiving Grace

Father, we give you thanks
this day as we remember that
all gifts come from you.
You created us in your own image and set us over all creation
as your stewards.
Once you chose a people and gave them a promise that all would
be blessed and all could be free.
We remember the faith of our ancestors who came to this land as
a place of promise and hope.
Our prayer of Thanks reminds us
to be grateful for your bountiful gifts.
You lead us to the blessed
vision of peace.
Bless all of us present and those we love who cannot be with us today.
Bless this meal, a symbol of
your daily care for us.
As we share this gift
may we grow in love and service through Christ our Lord.

Giving Tree

The Christmas Giving Tree will be decorated with gift labels in the back of Church on Saturday, December 6th. Please be sure to wrap the gift and securely attach the tag. The gifts need to be returned under the tree no later than the 12 Noon Mass on Sunday, December 21st if they are to be delivered before Christmas. Our Confirmation youth will be coordinating this service project.

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