October 09, 2016



Not Feeling OK? Pray!

Prayer is the key that sets us free to be OK. Prayer is the key that unlocks the treasure of the Good News.
What Good News?

  1. God is giving to us and gifting us whether we feel OK or not.
  2. God is always working in us, in others and in all ways. We call this God’s Providence. Prayer is the key to discovering the hidden treasure of God in all things.
Only Mountains and Snow?

A couple celebrating their Golden Jubilee embarks on a dream vacation through the Alps on a luxury train. During the trip the husband takes a multitude of scenic photos and sends them home to the family to prepare a slideshow. Upon returning the family gathers. But before the show, the children notice that their mom does not seem excited. “Oh,” she says, “it was a nice enough trip but all we saw were mountains and snow, mountains and snow, mountains and snow!” However, as the show progresses she begins REFLECTING as her memories pass by on the screen. She remembers the goodness of her children planning and sending her on the trip. She Reflects on the moment that her husband touched her arm so gently to steady her when the train lurched uphill. Suddenly, grateful and misty eyed, all she can do is to silently whisper thanks to God and then, in a loud and clear voice, to her husband and family. Only mountains and snow? No, Good News and God’s blessings everywhere.

Reflection is the key that helped the woman to see the beauty and to remember the goodness of her trip. Sometimes it is difficult to find what is OK in a situation at the present moment. Reflecting during the day, before bed or early in the morning (recalling the day before) is an excellent way to pray. Reflection helps us see, appreciate and thank God for the Good News that sometimes appears, at first, as only mountains and snow.


Christian Stewards Share the Keys to the Kingdom

The hand gesture for OK, pictured above, forms an O, a circle of mutual giving as the pointer finger meets the thumb.
The burst of light symbolizes the moment in prayer when we give our thanks to God. God gives all to us (Providence) and we are invited to respond in gratitude by reaching out in love and service to others.
The three fingers extending outward toward others represent the key gifts that we share:
Time, Talent and Treasure

God Gives; We Give

A Steward is one way that Jesus uses to describe our relationship with God (Mt25:14-30, Lk12:42-48).
An oikonomos or Steward is the one in whom the master places trust by sharing responsibility for the care of all people, resources and work.
The circle of mutually giving love is the key and at the heart of what it means to be a Christian Steward.
The USCCB in their Pastoral Letter on Stewardship: A Disciples Response, write:
A Christian Steward receives God’s gifts gratefully, cultivates them responsibly, shares them lovingly in justice with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord.

How to Use the Prayer Key Question for REFLECTION
OK God, what’s the Good News?

    1. Look. Be attentive. Be honest. Be aware.
    2. Identify in what way you are not OK.
    3. Pray: OK God, what’s the Good News?
    4. Reflect; look for God’s Providence. Name what’s good, gift (person, place or thing), blessing or hope in the situation.
    5. Thank God for those gifts.
    6. Decide how you will express gratitude to God. through service for others. Act.

OK God, what’s the Good News?

Open Your Heart to God
Discover the Keys to the Kingdom

      • Are you interested in exploring your spiritual life?
      • Do you want to discover the abundance of God’s love & peace?
      • Would you like to have greater motivation for service?
      • Do you want to know more about the Catholic Faith?
      • Did you ever think about becoming a Catholic?
      • Are you a baptized Catholic and have never made your First Communion and/or Confirmation?
      • Are you Baptized in another faith and have a desire to become Catholic?
      • Have you never been baptized in any faith but wonder?

Through the process of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA, we explore all these questions and discover the keys to the kingdom. RCIA is a restoration of the ancient practice of initiation into the Church. Through a process of discernment, spiritual development and ritualizing stages of conversion, you are guided to sacramental initiation. These Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist which are celebrated at the Easter Vigil open your hearts and empower you to lives of services, charity and justice as witnesses to our mission of OPUS CHRISTI, Christ’s work. RCIA is not a program but a sacramental process. RCIA reflects a sacramental attitude that is at the heart of all Christian living: CONVERSION, turning your heart to God.

We invite you to be our companion on the journey. We gather on Monday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 PM in the Russo Room. For more information about RCIA please call Donna Scancarella at (973) 779-6200. Our first session will be Monday, October 17th.

Fr. Kevin’s Bible Study Sessions: Mondays at 11:00 AM in the Molloy Center. Our theme this year is the Good News. This semester, we will study the Good News of the Gospel of St John. It contains a more developed theological reflection than the other three (synoptic) gospels. It was written later and clarifies issues affecting the early church. There will be a class on Monday, October 10th.

Thank You
Thank you Fr. Kevin, for blessing the five dogs at the Blessing of Animals on October 1st.


There will be a retreat for First Reconciliation Parents on Monday, October 17th at 7:00 PM in Marian Hall.



      • The Monday Night Group: October 17th at 6:30 PM
      • The New & Recently Bereaved Group: Wednesday, October 12th and 26th at 7:00 PM

Mary Ellen Valentin International Food Festival

      • Sunday, October 16, 1:00 to 4:00 PM – Molloy Center
      • $15.00 Adults, $7.50 Children under 12
      • For tickets contact Sabrina at: 973-779-3636 or sabcel1@verizon.net.
        No need to cook, just come on over!

Columbiettes are having a Homemade Ravioli Fundraiser!
A Gourmet Dinner in 10 minutes!

        • Ravioli 16 to 20 per pack 14oz. $7.00 to $12.00 per pack
        • Orders and payment are due Thursday, October 27
        • Please pay with cash or checks payable to cash
        • Delivery will be Thursday, November 17 @ 7 PM
        • Please contact Maureen for a list of ravioli choices and to place order at: 201-407-3148 or Beautynj4u@yahoo.com

Knights of Columbus
“Pasta with Sinatra”

        • Saturday, October 22nd at 6:30 PM the auditorium.
        • Full pasta dinner: antipasto, salad, meatballs, sausage, pork, pasta & sauce, beer, wine, soda, coffee with cannoli and cream puffs for dessert
        • Entertainment provided by Phil Russo a very well know Frank Sinatra impersonator
        • Tickets: $25 per person; tables of ten are available for reservation. Seating is limited. For tickets and reservations contact Rich Donkersloot at (973) 650-3327.

Rosary Society
We want to extend our thanks to all our dedicated volunteers who worked so hard to make the Communion Breakfast a success, especially the set-up committee and our student servers. A special thanks to Chef Todd for the delicious and beautifully prepared brunch and our speaker, Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh, for her inspiring presentation.
The next meeting of the Rosary Society will be held on Monday, October 24 beginning with the Rosary and Mass at 6:30 PM in Marian Hall. All are welcome
— please join us!


The halls of St. Philip Prep are buzzing with activity during the month of October. On October 5, St. Philip hosted High School Night for middle school students and their parents. High schools from the surrounding area made themselves available to promote their schools. It was a huge success!
This month, the Pre-K and Kindergarten will have their annual Fall Festival. All Pre-K classes will be attending their class trip to Farms View. It will also be orange day for Pre-K. The Kindergarten will be attending their class trip to Turtle Back Zoo. Everyone is getting ready to celebrate St. Philip’s annual Trunk or Treat on Friday, October 28. What Great Fun!
Family Bingo
St. Philip the Apostle Preparatory School HSA Family BINGO night will be held on Saturday, October 15th in the auditorium immediately following 5:30 PM Mass. Please join us for BINGO, all new prizes and delicious food. Menu items include: pizza, hot dogs, chicken fingers, french fries and more! Bring your family and friends for this fun filled night!

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