October 28, 2018

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time



Singing Circles of Color
The Singing Circles of Color symbol above represents our Theme. Notice (color version at www.stphilip.org and Church Banner) the dynamic relationships that each individual circle and a variety of combinations of circles share. Through relationships there is a plethora of creation – new colors and diverse sounds. We SING A NEW CHURCH in the Key of Faith as Love in Action.

75th Jubilee Parish Theme: Sing A New Church
We sing the good news of God’s love. Our song begins as a single note of love whispered to us by God at the very moment of our creation. In every breath through the years we draw notes and melodies together in our relationship with our self, others and God. Our song crescendos in the joyous eternal choir which is the hymn of heaven, a song of never ending praise and thanksgiving.

God’s song of love is gently played in every heart and heard as we share our unique song as Love in Action. Every time a gift or talent is given for another, our church community sings a new song and a new church into being. Faith is our key which gives voice to our collective mission which is to do Christ’s Work, Opus Christi.

During the next weeks we will explore the living relationships represented in the symbols above:

Father Son Spirit, God Self Others, Creation Redemption Sanctification, Body Mind Spirit, Gift Gratitude Action, Awakening Interpreting Responding.


“Procrastination is the Thief of Time” Edward Young
Richard Moulton of White Deer Pennsylvania enjoys telling the following story:

As a man steps off the curb to cross the street, a car careens around the corner and heads straight for him. So, he turns to go back to the sidewalk. Too late – the car changes lanes again. Panicked, the man freezes in the middle of the road, and just as the car is about to hit him, it comes to a screeching halt. The driver’s window roles down, and a squirrel pokes his head out. “See?” he says. “It’s not as easy as it looks!” (rd.com,4-2018)

Life is not as easy as it looks! We often seem to be running back and forth from one side of the street to the other. There are so many circles spinning, tasks to be accomplished, needs to be met and so little time!

Our challenges are like the dilemmas faced by the blind man, disciples and Jesus in today’s Gospel. Like three circles converging with different agendas we hear a story about a ‘running back and forth’ of needs and wants. The blind man Bartimaeus cries out to Jesus wanting help, the disciples want to silence him, Jesus wants to help. In the middle of all this confusion, Jesus takes control of the situation and blends the needs of all the characters. Jesus instructs the disciples to allow the blind man to speak. He calmly asks Bartimaeus, “what do you want me to do for you?” Jesus restores his sight and gives him a new way of seeing.

Amid our confusion, Jesus wishes to take control. Too much to do, conflicting desires and needs may lead us to the paralysis of procrastination.

Procrastination blocks the travel of light and color in the circles of our lives. Procrastination distorts the clear transmission of sound. Procrastination breaks the circuit and ‘electric flow’ of the Spirit. Procrastination makes our lives darker, colorless, discordant and without energy to do Christ’s work.

What blocks, distorts and breaks our action? Demands on our time, concentration and energy make it difficult for us to focus. We can invite Jesus into the situation. Jesus asks each one of us, “what do you want me to do for you?” Prayer is where we are guided to set priorities. God’s own spirit gifts us with motivation and the grace to complete the task that God is asking for us in every situation. Prayer helps us to align and join the three circles of self, others and God.

Our Scripture affirms that God is interested in our daily lives. St. Paul in the letter to the Hebrews says that God is patient and understands our weakness. The prophet Jeremiah is joyful when he sees God do through him what seemed impossible. We are invited to discover God’s power in our lives when we call out, as did Bartimaeus and ask Jesus for help.

When we face the frustration with ourselves that comes from procrastination, we can call out to God in prayer with the following questions…
1. Lord, in what areas in my life is procrastination a problem?
2. What spiritual mission might I accomplish by my action/inaction?
3. Do I have a legitimate need to rest and to be quiet? If so, how can I rest and restore myself?
4. Is my sense of perfectionism paralyzing me?
5. Lord, in what ways are you freeing me from an all or nothing attitude?
6. Do I have an unexpressed anger or resentment that is making me resist this work? If so, how are you healing me?
7. What is the next right, loving and simple thing that I can do toward my goal?

This week we are invited to be healed from the burden of procrastination. Cry out to the Lord in prayer and see the miracle of God’s power at work.

Last Weekend to Register
Saint Philip Women’s Cornerstone Retreat
November 16 & 17, 2018
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