October 7, 2018

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Singing Circles of Color
The Singing Circles of Color symbol above represents our Theme. Notice (color version at www.stphilip.org and Church Banner) the dynamic relationships that each individual circle and a variety of combinations of circles share. Through relationships there is a plethora of creation – new colors and diverse sounds. We SING A NEW CHURCH in the Key of Faith as Love in Action.

75th Jubilee Parish Theme: Sing A New Church
We sing the good news of God’s love. Our song begins as a single note of love whispered to us by God at the very moment of our creation. In every breath through the years we draw notes and melodies together in our relationship with our self, others and God. Our song crescendos in the joyous eternal choir which is the hymn of heaven, a song of never ending praise and thanksgiving.

God’s song of love is gently played in every heart and heard as we share our unique song as Love in Action. Every time a gift or talent is given for another, our church community sings a new song and a new church into being. Faith is our key which gives voice to our collective mission which is to do Christ’s Work, Opus Christi.

During the next weeks we will explore the living relationships represented in the symbols above:

Father Son Spirit, God Self Others, Creation Redemption Sanctification, Body Mind Spirit, Gift Gratitude Action, Awakening Interpreting Responding.


Even a cup of cold water will not be forgotten.”
Mark 9:14
A few weeks ago, we were having priests over for dinner at the rectory. I had just finished whipping some cream. Fr. Joseph was standing next to me in the kitchen, so I handed him a whipped cream laden beater. He took it with delight and then I was surprised to see two blue eyes and a little blonde head peek out from behind him. Fr. Matt was standing there, his face saying, “What about me?” I quickly said, “Oh Matt, do not be sad, I did not forget about you! I peeled an onion before and saved the skin for you.” As Fr. Julio used to say, “we were cracking laughing” as I handed Fr. Matt the other whipped cream beater.

When it comes to sharing our gifts, time, talent or treasure, sometimes our offering seems to us like a dollop of sweet cream or like an onion skin. In truth, whatever we give is appreciated by God. In last week’s Gospel Jesus reassures us that anytime we give of ourselves and whatever we give is eternally remembered by God, “even a cup of water given in my name will not be forgotten.”

Every color, shade, hue, as in our banner, is needed; every note, rest and sympathetic vibration is essential – you matter and are a vital key to God’s kingdom. Remember that God cannot be outdone in generosity. As you increase your weekly offertory gift, pray for our parish mission of Opus Christi – Christ’s Work, and support the Jubilee goals through positive talk, God rejoices in your giving.

Thank you for participating in Christ’s work as we Sing a New Church with our unique colors and notes.

We are love in action with faith our key.
• Please read and prayerfully reflect on the letter inserted in this bulletin.
• What one action can I take to participate in our Jubilee Giving?

Saint Philip the Apostle
Celebrating 75 years of doing Christ’s Work
Saturday, November 10, 2018
7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
School Auditorium

Featuring music by The Doug Ferony Swing Band

Dinner catered by The Brownstone
Includes: Cocktail Hour, Appetizers, Buffet Dinner,
Dessert with Viennese Table
Complimentary Beer, Wine, Soda, Coffee & Tea
Cash Bar

$75.00 per person

Seating is Limited
Ages 21 & Over

Tickets will be sold after all Masses beginning the weekend of
October 20/21 as well as at the Molloy Center
during regular business hours.

Are you interested in exploring your spiritual life?
Do you want to discover the abundance of God’s love and peace?
Would you like to have greater motivation for service?
Do you want to know more about the Catholic Faith?
Did you ever think about becoming a Catholic?
Are you a Baptized Catholic and have never made your First Communion and/or Confirmation?
Are you baptized in another faith and have a desire to become Catholic?
Have you never been baptized in any faith but wonder?

Journey with Us!
Through the process of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA, we explore all these questions and discover the keys to the kingdom.

We invite you to be our companion on the journey. Our first session will be on Monday, November 5th from 7:00-8:30 PM in the Molloy Center. If you would like more information about RCIA, please call Donna Scancarella at 973-779-6200.

All are welcome!

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