October 8, 2017



Our spiritual practice of asking, “OK God, what’s the good news?” in prayer opens us to the wonder of God’s presence and gifts.

Our Theme, Time To Be Good News, is developed in bulletin articles, through song, and on our website www.stphilip.org  each week.

KEY CONCEPT:  Salvation Is Healing
Our mission, Opus Christi, is to do Christ’s Work in our lives each day.  We are invited to be good news for each other. Prayer is the key that helps us to discover good news within us and in God’s gifts around us.  Prayer enables us to become good news for others through our words and in our deeds.  The Good News of Jesus Christ we call Salvation, comes from the Latin word Salvus, which means to heal.  God saves us in this life by healing our minds, hearts and wills through prayer, Scripture and the Sacraments.  God saves us in every moment of life.  Even through death we are healed into a new life in Christ.

Our Banner in Words and In Symbol
The time is now to pay attention to God’s saving hands that heal our hearts to be free to love with the good news in word and in deed.  All grace is given from God, for others    and let it begin with me.

Good News In Progress
Week I:       Salvation Is Healing
Week II:      The Time Is Now
Week III:     Free to be Me
Week IV:     In Giving, We Receive
Week V:      Good, Better, Best Choice
Week VI:     New News is Good News
Week VII:    Blessing and Healing
Week VIII:   Sacrament of Healing

Week IV  In Giving, We Receive
Bishop Serratelli, in his pre-recorded homily which we will hear this weekend, shares the following story as an illustration of the dynamic of love that in giving, we receive. Called to be good news in action we are deeply blessed whenever we respond to the needs of others as good, faithful stewards.

Our parish responded with great goodness in last week’s collection for Hurricane Relief Efforts through Catholic Charities by giving $11,000 dollars in the second collection. This week we are asked by the Bishop to support the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Many of us have already pledged and those who have not taken the opportunity will be able to pledge during the masses.

Being good news to others is a saving and healing act of faith that we give. Our Lord cannot be outdone in generosity and we always receive blessings poured abundantly into our minds and hearts.

Bishop’s Story (adapted)
A man walks into a telegraph office to get out of the cold and realizes that it is just as cold inside. He inquires of the telegraph operator why he does not light a fire. The response: “too busy sending telegrams.” The gentleman informs the operator that he is the president of the telegraph company and that he should send the following telegram, “Fire the operator of this station immediately.”  A few minutes later he asks, “Did you send my telegram?” “No” he responds. “I’m too busy making a fire.”

The give and take in the story is an illustration of the truth that in giving, we receive.

This weekend’s Gospel reminds us that we are stewards of God’s vineyard. As stewards we are responsible for our welfare, our family, church, and also all of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Sometimes fear keeps us from wanting to give of ourselves from our resources. In the letter to the Philippians, we are urged not to have anxiety when we give generously of our time, talent and treasure. God provides peace when we do Christ’s work. Prayer is the key to keep our minds and actions focused on what is good, honorable and worthy of peace.

At the very least, when we give, we receive God’s peace. What does inner peace change? Nothing. But what does inner peace change? Everything.

1. Who has given to you in your life? What have you received from others? See those faces; remember to celebrate their gifts to you. Thank God for the gift of those people and pray for them
2. Who needs to receive something within your power to give? Prayer? Words? Actions? Make a list. Make a plan. Take action. Now is the time to be good news!

•  Are you interested in exploring your spiritual life?
•  Do you want to discover the abundance of God’s love & peace?
•  Would you like to have greater motivation for service?
•  Do you want to know more about the Catholic Faith?
•  Did you ever think about becoming a Catholic?
•  Are you a baptized Catholic and have never made your First Communion and/or Confirmation?
•  Are you baptized in another faith and have a desire to become Catholic?
•  Have you never been baptized in any faith but wonder?

Through the process of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA we explore and discover the keys to the kingdom. These Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist which are celebrated at the Easter Vigil open your hearts and empower you to lives of services, charity and justice as witnesses to our mission of OPUS CHRISTI, Christ’s work. RCIA is not a program but a sacramental process.

For more information about RCIA please call Donna Scancarella at (973) 779-6200

Saint Philip Women’s Cornerstone Retreat
November 17 & 18, 2017
I Love You You Are Mine
Cornerstone is a beautiful retreat experience, a time to revitalize your relationship with God, renew your own spirit and bond with other women of our parish through a combination of quiet reflection and prayer, and the sharing of one’s faith journey with others. Please consider joining us for this two-day retreat.

Retreat Times:
Friday, 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM
Saturday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Registration Donation: $50
Registration online at stphilip.org 
Please email any questions to Cornerstone@StPhilip.org or call The Molloy Center (973)779-6200

Realistic Water Drop Splash
“Be still and know that I Am God!” Psalm 46:10
Join us for prayer, guided meditation and reflection on Thursday, October 12th at 7:00 PM in Marian Hall.

Interested in becoming an Altar Server?
New and returning servers are invited to attend two training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 17th and 18th at 3:15 PM or 4:15 PM in church.

To sign up, download an application from our website StPhilip.org or see Father Matt for more information. Open to students in the 4th grade and higher.

Bible Study

Bible Study with Fr. Kevin resumes on Monday, October 16th at 11:00 AM in the Molloy Center.

The group will be discussing St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  The theme is the relationship between Judaism and Christianity as well as a plea to the new Christians to hold fast to their faith.


The next class  for grades 1 and 3 – 6 is October 22nd .
The next class for grades 2 and 7 – 10 is October 15th.
Denise Pannullo  for Grades 1 – 8 at 973-779-1439
Victoria Velasco for Confirmation at 973-798-8772

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