School Restoration Update

January 17, 2018

• The professional team of 40 working twelve hour shifts continues to make progress with the cleaning of every item in each room of every building.
• Ten trailers are set up in the parking lot on St. Philip’s drive to house cleaned items as the remaining rooms are processed.
• The plethora of items and equipment that need to be replaced have been ordered.
• The plan for in-class teaching space for our children is progressing in the necessary step-by-step process. As much as we all desire information immediately, proper planning and preparation for 450 students takes time. As soon as the plan and arrangements have been approved and finalized all the information will be released without delay.
• In the mist of the hardship involved with the situation we hopefully are making time to pray, “OK, God what is the good news?” Good news is found in gratitude for the blessing of safety because the fire occurred at 1:45 AM and the blessing of resources, talent and dedication tirelessly being given to continue our mission which is Christ’s work.
• Please use the gift of prayer which is the key to peace in the face of adversity, wisdom and a time of trial and the source of love which enables us to be part of the solution with God’s grace.

Yours in Faith,
/s Rev. Joseph J. Garbarino
/s Principal Barbara Zito
St. Philip the Apostle Preparatory School