School Restoration Update

John Paul II Comfort Visit – January 29, 2018

We welcome you and your children to visit the John Paul II Center for a short tour of your child’s new classroom. The purpose of this visit is to allow you and your child(ren) to feel comfortable in their new school environment.

Parking in the JPII parking lot is permitted for this special event ONLY.

The visit will need to end by 7:45pm because that is the time security will be closing the building.
• Front glass doors (no side door entry).
• Hallway helper will direct you to the gym to gather at 7:00pm sharp.

Please keep these ideas in mind for this special event:
• Not an Open House
• Children need a good night’s sleep to begin the first day back fresh .
• Not a parent/teacher conference

Here is the evening’s schedule:
• 7:00pm Open Prayer.
• 7:05pm Escorted visits (classes called by grade).
• 7:40pm Prepare to exit building.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Principal Barbara Zito
Saint Philip Preparatory School