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Grand Knight’s Report

During November we Honor Our Armed Forces and give Thanks to GOD!

During this month of November many of our membership will either march in parades or attend them as bystanders. Saluting and honoring those in our Armed Forces for their selfless service and for so many who freely offered the ultimate sacrifice.

That service is never easy, nor should it be. It demands so much from those brave enough to accept the challenge. Their sacrifices honor their dedication to defend principals that are held dear by many who cherish Freedom and Liberty.

They freely accept these many challenges and we are reminded that those who have served in the last 41 years are truly volunteers, risking life and limb to nobly offer themselves in Service to their Country.

Let us pray for all those who currently are Serving as well as ALL those who have faithfully served in years past. It is most pleasing to GOD that we should pray for all the Faithful Departed and fondly remember our loved ones and pray for them on a regular basis.

Below are the dates that the various branches were founded:

US ARMY – Founded June 14th, 1775
US NAVY – Founded October 13th, 1775
US MARINE CORP – Founded November 10th, 1775
US COAST GUARD – Founded August 4th, 1790

November also marks our annual All Souls and All Saints MASSES. We fondly remember our loved ones who have passed on to their eternal reward. Their faithful labor has “paved the way” for us and we must insure to pass on our Faith to our Children, ever renewing and growing our faith. A faith that was founded by Jesus Christ with the help of 12 disciples. Those who came afterwards are the Martyrs’, Church Doctors, Fathers of the Church, the 1st pilgrims that spread our Catholic Faith to all corners of the Globe.

Many of these Women and Men, personally witnessing the acts of either the disciples or our early fathers. Having seen the miracles themselves and fully understanding in the acts of Christ Passion that HE did so, so that we would all enjoy eternal life.

Let us come together and Thank GOD for all that he has promised and given to us. Our families, our health and our freedoms are prime examples of HIS generosity.

When we come together at Thanksgiving, let us also be thankful for all the gifts of faith, family and friends. Also let us be thankful for our Priest, Nuns, religious and lay people who labor to insure the faith remains strong and that all who come to GOD can find his people ready to serve – Now and Forever.

We have much to be thankful for, so let us continue to let everyone know that the Knights will continue to “Proclaim and Defend our Faith”.

“We Bear His Name, We Carry His Cross”

In Service to One, In Service to ALL

I remain always your humble servant.

David Cordero, Grand Knight