Religious Education – Online Registration 2018-2019

Parish registration is required for participation in our religious education program.

Student Type & Grade

Basic Information

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Emergency Contact if above cannot be reached
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Confirmation Students Only
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The parents of the students in our religious education program are asked to consider working with us in one of the following ways:

Catechist Substitute catechist Helper in classroom Office help during class times Help with special programs Help with sacramental programs

*** If you decide to volunteer, please note that you will be required to complete Paterson Diocesan requirements for working with children which include: Protecting God's Children Class, Code of Conduct Form, and Background Check. There are no fees required.

For Parents of Grade One and Four Students Only: Yes        No        N/A

It is the Paterson Dioceses' mandate that each child be enrolled in a religious education program one full year prior to receiving sacraments.

Fees to be Paid

Electronic devices, including cell phones, will not be permitted during class time. Absolutely no smoking, drinking or drugs will be permitted!