School Restoration Update

Restoration Update Transcript: The Return – March 28, 2018

This is a condensed version of the transcript of the January 19, 2018 video recording, for the full video.

Fr. Joe:
Principal Zito and I are here in our St. Philip Preparatory School classroom standing by boxes that have been moved from the Paul Davis trailers during the restoration of our building caused by the fire of January 11th.

These boxes are Good News because they show that we have begun the process for the return.

As you remember, part of the restoration process was the demolition of the Kaleidoscope wing which has been completed. To date, the Molloy Center and Marian Hall are still, in the process of restoration. Our school building has been fully restored except for about a weeks worth of work to reach completion and the necessary inspections before receiving the certificate of occupancy.

The Good News is we have a tentative date for our return to our school building for all of our students which is Monday April 16th, 2018, please note this is before the 90 day target.

We had hoped and worked diligently toward moving all of our desks and equipment from both temporary campuses back to our school during the Easter break – which would have made sense.

However, we learned yesterday that we would not be able to meet this dead line, because if the final inspections find any further work to be accomplished (this is a normal expected procedure before permission for occupancy is granted) we would have moved our furniture but would have been unable to occupy the building.

The best solution is the target date of April 16th.

Principal Zito will now tell you how this will affect the school schedule.

Principal Zito:
I am so excited about our return. Here is how it will work:

• On Wednesday April 11th MHC students will have a half day and will have no school on April 12th and Friday April 13th. Grades 6, 7 and 8 will resume classes on the St. Philip Prep campus on Monday April 16th.
• On Wednesday April 11th John Paul II Center students will have a full day of school and will have no school on April 12th and Friday April 13th. Pre-K 3 to Grade 5 will resume classes on the St. Philip Prep campus on Monday April 16th.
• Closing school for the two days of April 12th and April 13th will have to be made up at the end of the year because the teachers will not be able to do at-home instruction – they will be preparing their classrooms during those two days.
• On Sunday April 15th the school building will be open for touring after the 8 AM & 10 AM Masses. After the 10 there will be a blessing of our school building in the auditorium. You are most welcome to join us.
• Registration: students returning to St. Philip Prep have already began to register for the 2018-2019 year. New family registrations will take place in the school gym at 2:30 PM sharp.

I will send you a detailed letter with instructions when the April 15th date is confirmed. Please keep our teachers and students in your prayer during this time of transition.

Fr. Joe:

Many thanks to you for your patience and fortitude during these challenging months.

As we approach Easter and the Holy Days ahead I invite you to join us at the very beautiful ceremonies to give thanks to God, along with me for our many blessings during this process. Please join me in praying the Serenity prayer which helps us to keep things in perspective and to continue deepening our trust in God’s providence.

Rev. Joseph J. Garbarino
Principal Barbara Zito
St. Philip the Apostle Preparatory School