Liturgical Gestures

Hands: Hands should be kept folded in front of you.

Eyes: Always look ahead of you. Focus on something in direct view. For example, at the altar, ambo, Presider’s chair, or the direction in which you are walking. You should not be daydreaming or gazing aimlessly around the church.

Standing: Always stand up straight with both feet firmly on the floor. Do not slouch or lean on one leg. Hands should be kept folded in front of you. Show dignity and respect to others.

Sitting: Sit up straight and keep your knees together. Do not cross your legs or tap your feet. Feet should never be swinging. Hands should rest flat on your lap.

Bowing: There are two types of bows – the simple bow of the head only, and the profound bow from the waist. Bowing is a gesture of reverence in front of the Altar, cross, and Priests.

Genuflecting: Genuflection is made with the right leg moving straight back, behind the body so that the right knee touches the floor briefly.