Order of Mass Part 2

Liturgy of the Word

First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Second Reading, Gospel Acclamation, Gospel, Homily


The book holder moves to the Presider’s Chair at the end of the Profession of Faith and holds the book for and through the General Intercessions.


After the Prayer of the Faithful and during the collection, the cross bearer removes the cross from the stand and immediately with reverence goes down the left aisle, and waits in the back to lead the procession of gifts.

Meanwhile, servers on the left prepare the Altar. The first item brought to the Altar is the Priestly chalice. Next, place the book on the Altar, along with the four small chalices, four purificators, and all ciboriums containing unconsecrated bread. The servers on the left and right remain on their side during the preparation. They do not cross the Sanctuary.

When the Priest goes to receive the gifts, one server from the left (server #2) and the server from the right (server #3) follow and stand on either side of him. Wait for him to hand you the gifts and then proceed to the altar on the left side.

The server with the ciborium (server #2), proceeds to the Altar and hands it to the Priest. Bow to the Priest and return to your seat. Remain standing.

Another server (#4) retrieves water from the credence table and stands next to the server holding the wine (server #3). When the Priest is ready, hand him the wine (server #3) and water (server #4). Bow to the Priest, return to your seat, and remain standing.

Server #1 picks up the bowl and pitcher of water. Server #2 picks up the towel and places it over his/her left forearm. The person with the towel (server #2) stands on the left side of server #1. Proceed together to the altar. The server with the pitcher gently pours water over the Priest’s hands. The Priest will use the towel to dry his hands and will place it over your forearm. Both bow to the Priest and return to your seat. Remain standing.


After Holy, Holy, the congregation kneels. Servers proceed to the first step by the Altar and kneel. When the Priest elevates the Eucharist, the server closest to the wall rings the bell three times. When the Priest elevates the chalice, the bell is once again rung three times.

Stand with the congregation.

After Lamb of God, kneel with congregation.


The Priest receives communion and gives communion to the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. He then brings communion to the servers. Stand in place where you were kneeling and wait for the Priest.

When Priest and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist distribute communion, one server removes the book from the Altar. The server from the right (server #3) crosses the Altar,

genuflects to the Tabernacle, and returns to his/her seat.

After communion, the Priest returns the Blessed Sacrament to the Tabernacle. As a sign of respect, servers stand with Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist until the Tabernacle is locked. Meanwhile, an altar server gets the cruet of water and waits by the first step. When the Priest is ready, the server brings him the cruet. Wait for him to return the cruet to you, bow, and return cruet to the credence table. Return to your seat.