• "Amen, amen I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works I do..." - Jesus to the Apostle Philip (John 14:12)

    • Opus Christi, meaning "The Work of Christ”

  • OUR BLESSED MOTHER MARY THROUGH THE WINDOWS OF THE GOSPEL A Prayer Journey by Donal Harrington & Julie Kavanagh Mary is above all the example of that worship that consists in making one's life an offering to God. (Paul VI, Marialis Cultis, 21) Scripture But she was much perplexe... [Read more]
  • COMPASSION ON THE JOURNEY Compassion on the Journey is our participation in Our Holy Father's invitation for the Church to celebrate a Jubilee Year of Mercy. Compassion is the heart of Mercy. You are invited to join us as we experience God's compassion and learn to be more compassionate and ... [Read more]

Spirituality Themes

  • Compassion on the Journey

  • Our Parish Retreat Compassion on the Journey is our participation in Our Holy Father’s invitation for the Church to celebrate a Jubilee Year.... [Read more]

  • Our Crest

  • Our parish crest has been created to reflect the mission of our parish and preparatory school. In times past, crests were carried to identify... [Read more]

  • Keys to the Kingdom

  • Our In – Parish Fall Retreat we learn about and experience the Keys to the Kingdom in homilies, song, bulletins and website reflections.

Parish Ministries and Life

    • Preparatory School

    • Saint Philip Preparatory School is a Catholic community dedicated to creating an environment that fosters the spiritual, mental and social growth of each child. Through a diversity... [Read more]
    • Ministries

    • " Ministry is the place where our deep gratitude meets the world's deep need." - Richard M. Gula
    • Religious Ed.

    • "Jesus grew in wisdom and knowledge finding favor with God and People." Luke 2:52 Our innovative religious education programs help children and young adults discover God's presen... [Read more]
    • Youth Ministry

    • Youth Ministry is the sharing of God’s gifts through a community of relationships joined together through spirituality, service and social outreach. As our high school youth grow i... [Read more]