• 15TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME TROUBLE LETTING GO Here we are just a few weeks into summer and while recently visiting a local craft store, I was stunned by the array of fall colors, artificial foliage, plastic pumpkins and yes even the beginnings of a Christmas display. All this meant only one ... [Read more]
  • 14TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME SACRED SAUNTERING AND HOLY LOLLYGAGGING "Where did you go?" "Out." "What did you do?" "Nothing." There you have it: the cloud of suspicion that has hung over sauntering and lollygagging for years, and not just among the parents of teenagers. Little wonder. What... [Read more]
  • THE NEW PASTOR MAKER The toddler is carrying his toy hammer across the room with a determined gait. His uncle asks "Kenny, what are you going to make?" The boy rolls his eyes as if his uncle isn't quite bright and says emphatically, "Noise!" Asking each other questions is the way we share and ... [Read more]

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Spirituality Themes

  • Christ Be Our Light

  • Our Lenten Theme – Christ Be Our Light, is an opportunity for God’s unconditional acceptance, forgiveness and healing to shine through.... [Read more]

  • Greater Works

  • Greater Works - A History of St. Philip the Apostle Parish. Buy Blue-Ray and DVD Online.

  • Our Crest

  • Our parish crest has been created to reflect the mission of our parish and preparatory school. In times past, crests were carried to identify... [Read more]


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Parish Ministries and Life

    • Preparatory School

    • Saint Philip Preparatory School is a Catholic community dedicated to creating an environment that fosters the spiritual, mental and social growth of each child. Through a diversity... [Read more]
    • Ministries

    • " Ministry is the place where our deep gratitude meets the world's deep need." - Richard M. Gula
    • Religious Ed.

    • "Jesus grew in wisdom and knowledge finding favor with God and People." Luke 2:52 Our innovative religious education programs help children and young adults discover God's presen... [Read more]
    • Youth Ministry

    • Youth Ministry is the sharing of God’s gifts through a community of relationships joined together through spirituality, service and social outreach. As our high school youth grow i... [Read more]