My Dear Parishioners:
Thank you to all who help make our parish carnival a success! It was a wonderful three days of food, family, and fun! It was so nice to see the parish and school communities work together for the benefit of our parish and school. Seeing so many people enjoying themselves made my heart full. Our children enjoyed this event the most, I believe; its absence was felt, and I am so glad our carnival made such a wonderful return.

Speaking of children, I feel I must address an issue that is weighing heavily on my mind. The New Jersey Department of Education has recently passed updates curriculum for sex education. Children as young as 5 years old are to be taught things, I feel, should not be discussed at such as early age. I read the curriculum online and could not even reprint a small portion of it in the bulletin. Putting such words in a parish bulletin would be coarse and foul. I encourage you to speak with the candidates for our local school board and see where they stand. You may not have children who are school aged anymore, but as a society and a community we cannot let children be sexualized or let their innocence be lost so early. This curriculum is doing just that.

While children need to have education in health and bodily functions, this curriculum introduces such topics so far from young minds, as an adult, I myself cannot understand why children need to know such things at such an early age. Parents should be the ones to educate their children in such topics, with the lens of our Catholic faith. Where is the innocence? What happened to letting kids be kids?

We cannot be silent. We should not comply. I beg you to please go to school board meetings and speak your mind and ask questions. Our future is at stake. To remain silent is to let the evil one win. You have my support and prayers to be vocal and to ask the tough questions. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Fr. Monteleone

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